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Seriously?  I was thrilled to pieces when I saw ads for a new piece of bubble gum starring Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Piper Perarbo, and of course, Ms. Diane Keaton.  Now with films like “Something’s Gotta Give” and “The First Wives Club,” Keaton has made a name for herself in the arena of conquering roles about life after…well, whatever the new 40 is these days.  She plays the mother to three daughters, one of which (Moore) has as little luck between the sheets as she does.  Personal ads are placed and a bevy of boys enter the picture.  Moore finds at least two occasions to break into song, and the other sisters are basically window dressing.  Tom Everett Scott and Gabriel Macht are the guys fighting for Moore’s attention, and the choice between door number one and door number two is painfully obvious to everyone but her.  All the light fluff and joyous pop songs in the world cannot bring this movie back from the shallow pan that it was baked in.  The cast is enjoyable, the story is just too too much, but everyone in it is pretty, so I guess there are points for that.