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With the release date of “Hannibal Rising” coming up on us, America’s infatuation with cinema’s most lovable serial killer will be rekindled. I’m sure it’s merely coincidence that 20th Century Fox is releasing a 2 disc special edition a week before the release date of the new fim. Upon popping open the case you will be greeted with 5 dinner recipes, including Fava Bean Risotto, Foie Gras and Fava Bean Salad, & Chicken Liver and Fava Bean Crostini. All these are copywritten by MGM Studios. I can only imagine how much money was spent executing this brilliant idea. Anyway. The second disk is loaded with all sorts of extra’s, including a gag reel! (I wish more thriller/horror movies would do this) Although it’s a bit of a disappointment, it’s nice that someone spent the time going through 16 year-old film stock looking for Anthony Hopkins doing a Rocky impersonation. Among the other features there is also a very comprehensive documentary on the making of “Silence” which sheds light on all sorts of fascinating information. For instance, Michael Douglas was originally set to play Hannibal Lector. In this version though, Hannibal is an insanely wealthy New Yorker with an unusually attractive wife and eats five-star steaks, instead of people. Good thing this didn’t happen.