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After reviewing “F%@# the Movies” last year, I was left with a distinct craving to see “The Marine” when it came out on DVD. Well, now it’s here, and the gods (and WWE Films) have blessed us with an unrated version. Having watched both the theatrical and unrated versions, I can tell you that the only real difference is seeing likeable, Damon-on-‘roids wrestling champion John Cena brutalize some Iraqis in a slightly more graphic fashion. The movie is big and dumb and crowd-pleasing and most definitely better after a few MGD’s, but there’s something to be said for a slick B-action flick that doesn’t pretend to have a “message”. The action and explosions are as overdone and ridiculous as Cena’s muscles, and Robert Patrick (of “T2” and “The Faculty”) has a good time with his ridiculous bad guy lines. If you completely shut your brain down and forget about Hollywood constructs like meaningful dialogue, emotionally manipulative scores, and sensitive male leads, you might find you enjoy this “man’s man” flag-waving nonsense. I sure did.