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I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into the screening room for “Catch and Release.” From the looks of my fellow audience members, they weren’t either. I must admit I was surprised though. I went in expecting a 90 minute drab romantic comedy, instead I got a 111 minute not-so-drab romantic comedy. The always loveable Jennifer Garner plays the grieving “widow” – burying her husband on the day planned for their wedding. While settling his estate, she discovers that her husband to be was a millionaire and paying $3,000 a month to a woman in Los Angeles played by Juliette Lewis (awesome). The rest you might be able to guess at. Kevin Smith has some decent lines and probably helps save the movie a bit. Sam Jaeger plays a completely pointless character (probably why he isn’t in any of the trailers) and Lewis is pretty great in just about everything. In the end (and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything here) she ends up falling in love with an unlikely match and best friend to her husband to be.  The lights went up in the theater and things felt just a little bit more satisfying than when I went in. That feeling lasted 15 minutes.