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“Smokin’ Aces”, my most anticipated film of January, opens today. I got a chance to check it out earlier this week, and I was not disappointed. A lot of the bad reviews the film’s been getting say that it’s too flashy and stylized and that the ending doesn’t tonally fit the rest of the movie. OK, I was a little bummed by the ending, too. And I can see how critics would expect something a little more subtle and morally weighted from the director of “Narc” (a fantastic movie if you’ve never seen it). But seriously, “Smokin’ Aces” is so much fun and so well put together that these are seriously minor gripes. The cast is uniformly excellent and all have fun with their roles, especially Jason Bateman in one of the best cameos I have ever seen. There are enough awesome characters in this movie for ten spin-offs. It’s a hyper-violent, colorful, and incredibly funny ride, and if you like that type of thing, I strongly recommend you hop onboard.