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I think I just lost my lunch… Take the unimaginable….the unthinkable…and the most gruesome nightmare and multiply it by infinity and we are bound to find the answer – the movie “Saw III.” This edition surpasses “Saw” and “Saw II,” (big fan of both those titles, myself) with even more torturous events and a well-developed and deeper story line. What a brilliant (and slightly off-center) mind the writer has to fathom some of these twisted acts of torment. Not to mention the talents of director, Darren Lynn Bousman, bringing these ideas to fruition. “Saw III” takes the cake for “upping” the intensity factor…by far! Please excuse the brevity of this review but I had to turn the movie off ¾ of the way through because I was having heart palpitations and needed to turn on some cartoons.  Holy hell in a hand basket, people!