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I remember sitting back and watching FOX’s Hit Show “So You Think You Can Dance” last season with baited breath…only to find myself getting pumped up during the commercial breaks watching the previews of the upcoming dance movie “Step Up” about 500 times.  I was hooked and excited…until I saw the film…hey at least they got me in the seat…Kudos to the Marketing and Advertising Executives.

It was the same ol’ dance movie we have seen all too many times. Quick Synopsis: The underprivileged teenager / eye candy, Tyler (Channing Tatum) runs into the “too cool for school”  well-off popular girl (Jenna Dewan) who dances for the Maryland School of the Arts. He finds himself serving the community at the school as punishment after breaking in and trashing the school’s theatre set with his street-tough friends. Blah blah blah…He mops the floor as he watches her lose her dance partner due to a sprain and her boyfriend due to being an ass. She catches Tyler breakin’ down some dance moves in the parking lot…Voila! They are now dance partners and fall in love.  A recipe for disaster if you ask me.

The acting was a bit wonky at best.  Okay, it stank for lack of a better word…but the dancing was explosive!  My favorite part was watching hottie Tyler show off his street dancin’ skills at the end of school recital. The last scene of the movie made me get up of my chair and shout “I wanna be a dancer”!

Obviously…that ship has sailed and I missed the boat.