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If you’re like me, movies like this fall into the “last resort” category. Meaning only if everything else is already sold out, or there is nothing else on TV (or until a copy lands on your doorstep.) “Employee of the Month” is part of the Dane Cook campaign for the A-list. Wedging Cook in-between Jessica Simpson and Dax. He plays the Van Wilder of a wholesale store called Super Club.   Running amuck and playing pranks on employee of the month, Dax Shepard (I don’t see the point of using character names for this one.) That’s until innocent looking Simpson joins the Super Club team. When Dane finds out she has a thing for the employee of the month, we are treated to an “Outrageously Funny” (- MAXIM) hour and a half competition for the girl. In the end we learn a nice little lesson about character and find out Jessica Simpson has very low standards. The movie has a couple of good one-liners and some great bit parts. It’s worth a watch; just make sure you don’t pay for it.