Hi, my name is Courtney and I am a Purelaholic. I possess an unreasonable fear of catching other people’s cooties. Seemingly simple tasks like using a public restroom require a tactical plan that would rival any Pentagon battle strategy. Hands down the most dreaded activity of all used to be my weekly pedicure. Pondering all the communal skin flakes, nail clippings and assorted bacteria in my corner nail salon was enough to make me cast off my strappy Jimmy Choos for good. Thankfully, podiatrist Dr. Colleen Schwartz came to my rescue with her uber-hygienic Save Our Soles Safe Salon Pedicure Kit. For $29.95 you get a complete set of your very own pedicure tools in a sleek little portable case. Each kit comes chock full of nippers, clippers, files, buffers, brushes and more. For you do-it-yourself types, instructions for at home pedicures are included. Dr. Schwartz, my Choos applaud you! For more info or to order check out www.solesavior.com.