land.jpgAs most of you know by now, the beloved cult hit, “The OC” is having its last run on air this season. The producers should have seen it coming when they had the gang graduate. No one likes watching rich twenty-something townies living with their parents and making minimum wage. But don’t let the end of “The OC” worry you. This is just the beginning for most of the casts’ careers (except Mischa Barton.) The suits over at Warner Bros. have placed Adam Brody in the lead for the upcoming film “In the Land of Women.” Now, before you let that imagination of yours wander off too far, let me tell you Meg Ryan and Olympia Dukakis will be his co-stars. Just let that sink in for a minute. “In the Land of Women” follows Brody who moves in with his grandmother to take care of her. It’s unconfirmed but I believe there will be a “Scrabble” scene with a Regina Spektor song playing over it. “In the Land of Women” is set to release on April 20th.