As I sipped a glass of wine on the Lower East Side with good friends last night the topic of conversation was quite amusing and definately worth a Rant.  An article in Redbook “Outsource your To-Do’s” was the highlight of this jest…the synopsis of the article: “Resolve to make more time for what you love by hiring others to do what you don’t”. You have got to be kidding me…after our hysterics and loud gafaws filled the bar at just the thought of some of these ideas…I hurried home to find a copy of the article. Here are some of my favorites… ok now people…sit back and get ready for this one…you want more time? Of course you can hire a maid…get a personal assistant (yeah, i wish life were that easy)…or my favorite of all that propelled this rant – Hire a pet clean up service or as I like to call your personal pooper scooper…and believe it or not they are out there! is one they mentioned in the article…and they will literally come to your home and clean up your dog crap or scoop the cat litter in all too cleverly cute outfits. We are not talking…walk the dog…we’re talking…waste management…lol. My question is this…Is this what we have come to get personal space and time for ourselves that we cant even take the 2.5 seconds to pick up dukey up off the street or in the yard? I mean seriously! I guess this works for the Trumps in the world…or maybe even your too busy soccer moms in the burbs…but are we supposed to let the yard get littered with feces and then make an appointment for the “pooperscooper” to detail the landscape the next day or week? Gross. Shoot, if this behavior debuted on Wysteria lane, it would be topic of a fabulous gossipy episode”  Actually…I think I would like to hire someone to change my shoes and brush my hair.