I just spent the morning catching up with my missed television from
last night. It was all being DVR-ed while Mandy and I were at the
local watering hole for her birthday sloppiness. First there was
“American Idol.” Now we know that a lot of kids audition just for the
attention. They know they’re not talented, and so do we. They just
wanna be on television making an ass of themselves for a minute so
they can slap it up on YouTube. Then there’s the kids who are just a
little…off. Seattle had plenty of them and some cases were truly
sad. What’s a producer to do but take advantage and elongate their
misery. And then Randy, Paula and Simon just cut into them, usually
having very little to do with their vocal skills. It was so
disparaging, that I had to scootch forward through the segments I
thought were going to be the most vicious.

Then this morning, Rosie went off on “The View.”

ROSIE: Isn’t that what America thinks is entertainment? To make fun
of someone’s physical appearance, and then when they leave the room,
laugh hysterically at them…three millionaires…one probably

‘Dem dere’s fightin’ words.

I must agree with the queen of nice, although I wouldn’t want to be
the booker for her show right now. Maybe it’s the menopause she’s
going through (she’ll tell you all about it), but she certainly is
picking a lot of fights lately. She’s often on her soapbox about the
give-the-people-what-they-want mentality that is so prevalent in
American entertainment today – railing against folks who are very
successful by way of lower-the-bar media (Judith Regan and the
producers of “Idol” among them).

Maybe she’s right. Maybe if we produce good stuff that promotes
strong values, then the culture will change. Life imitates art,
right? It’s a tough road to travel, and I don’t think America’s up
for the trip, especially since “Idol” brought in such great numbers.
It was the second highest-rated episode of the show to date, and was
equal to that of the “Friends” finale, according to Variety.com.

I like a caddy comment as much as the next guy, but it’s getting nasty
out there in Idol-land, and America loves misery more than anyone