“Orville Redenbacher popcorn is too old-fashioned and traditional. I want a popcorn that is stylish and cool.” Kids across America have been yelling this from rooftops for years while the big popcorn makers just sat back and watched popcorn sales decline, until last night that is. The good marketing folks over at Redenbacher recently revived the popcorn tyrant for their latest series of inside-orville.jpgcommercials. FINALLY, Redenbacher with an iPod. Now I can relate to THIS. Watching the new putty-faced Redenbacher handle a bowl, my once lifeless appetite for his air fluffed popcorn was immediately replenished. Nicely played Redenbacher, nicely played. Let’s not stop here though. Bring Dave Thomas back, give him a Nintendo Wii and a Frescata Sandwich and don’t forget to generate a smile on that rubbery face of his. And as long as we are digging up the graves of our former food tycoons, Dunkin Donuts needs to bring back their “Don’t forget the Donuts” baker. Perhaps he can be glazing donuts while texting on a Blackjack. Knowing these former food giants are down with cutting edge consumer technology will once and for all put customers fears at ease.