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In shops on 16 January, 2007

I should start by saying that I’m not usually a fan of the documentary genre.  With that said, I was really impressed by director Jonathan Liebesman’s second notable feature-length doc, the awkwardly-titled “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.” Chronicling the real events behind the so-called “horror classic” from the 1970’s, Liebesman brings the same unspeakably high production value and slickness to the Texas Chainsaw story that he brought to his 2003 documentary about the Tooth Fairy, “Darkness Falls”.  In the unrated version (there is also an ‘R’ version available) we’re treated to the completely uncut version of the story and get to find out the truth behind the Hewitt family’s rampage.  Eschewing the normal, boring aspects of documentary such as interviews and Ken Burns-style photo montages, Liebesman doesn’t shy away from showing us the bloody truth from multiple angles and with great lighting and field sound recording.  Some viewers might say: “Hey, why didn’t the crew step in and save those poor teenagers or call the police?” or “Hey, how did the crew survive?” or “Hey, I’ve seen those teens that are dying in other movies!” or even “Hey, who is this ‘screenwriter’ Sheldon Turner credited on the back of the DVD?” My dear viewer, you’re thinking too much. Perhaps you’re just not smart enough to appreciate historical non-fiction.