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I first saw this film last spring, before the release date was getting shoved around to and fro’. I am still flabbergasted that this script (and the sharp direction that accompanies it) comes from a guy who was 24 years old when the cameras rolled.  Writer/director, Frank E. Flowers’ plot centers on a collection of misguided youths trying to make it through the day in the Cayman Islands. There’s a good smattering of violence, cocaine, pot, racial tension and lost ambition running through the stories of these disconnected teens.  Among them is Shy (played by exec producer, Orlando Bloom in his best performance to date), who has fallen for a young black girl who is just about to come of age under the gaze of her over-protective father and brother. Bill Paxton plays a dad who has fled Miami in the middle of his money-laundering spin cycle. Forces collide in Shakespeare-esque scenarios with dire consequences.  I don’t think this film was ever spun the right way in the ads, and it’s really too bad.  Story, acting, direction, writing, music…all top notch and worth your attention.