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All you women and men that were little girls and boys when you read “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” are going to glow after seeing this film.  “Miss Potter” is one of the most enchanting stories of the year. Beatrix Potter was from a wealthy family in London that always had an idea of who she should marry and what she should become.  Beatrix (played by Renée Zellwegger) had a much different idea.  A storyteller from the beginning, she always had imaginary friends that she brought to life with little drawings she kept close by.  She continued her stories through adulthood and had finally finished a proper idea for a book.  Searching for someone to believe in her work, she finally was assigned a publisher: Norman Warne (played by Ewan McGregor) that would end up changing her life in so many ways.  The entire cast of this film has more chemistry onscreen than I have seen in quite some time.   Chris Noonan (writer/director of “Babe”) cannot be left out of the mix when complementing this film.  He was the perfect choice for this tale as he has a way of showing you the heart behind not only the adorable animals, but each and every character of this film.  Potter’s story also grapples with the conservation of the land most familiar to her (the lake district in England) her zest for new stories, and her loves lost and won again make this film equally as beautiful as her children’s stories.