Paramount Pictures
In select cinemas on 27 December (NYC/LA)
Nationwide on 5 January 2007

Patrick Süskind’s 1985 novel was quite the sensation, selling over 15 million copies nationwide, with translations available in 45 languages – Latin among them (because that edition is flying off the shelves).  Its premise follows a boy named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (the mysterious, handsome and creepy Ben Whishaw) through his Dickensian youth up to his adolescence in 18th century France.  He has a gift for scent like no one else in the world, and his desire to capture the natural aroma of beautiful, young women naturally makes him go ’round the bend.  Under the tutelage of Giuseppe Baldini (wonderfully played by Dustin Hoffman), Grenouille learns the trade and discovers his need to put girls in a bottle.  This is an epic picture, and is marvelously conquered by director/co-screenwriter/composer, Tom Tykwer.  Honestly, that man could direct a Kleenex commercial and I’d buy the limited edition director’s cut DVD.  For the rest of you, just know that “Perfume” is exquisite in every way, filled with breathtaking imagery and an addictive story.  There are also 5200 dirty extras (and they’re not all good, kids).  In any event, go give this film some love.