goodgod.jpgWeb Series
Comedy Central

Faring slightly better than “Baxter & McGuire” in the successful execution of its premise, “Good God” tries to offer us a peek into God’s office in Heaven.  Despite a thin premise and clichéd “office” plotlines, the show has its moments.  Hats off to the actors for making these short episodes work as well as they do.  I also appreciate the writers’ willingness to push the envelope a little bit, dealing with everything from terrorists to office bathroom etiquette to a contest that God wins by predicting the death of Lance Armstrong.  The thing that makes Comedy Central’s best shows work is smart, fearless writing (i.e. South Park, Chappelle’s Show, etc.)  That said, “Good God” isn’t necessarily a great show, but it takes a couple of chances here and there that pay off with some decent laughs.