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Ah, yes, the little indie that could!  Disney released this film over the summer, banked over a billion dollars on it, and then fired a bunch of people.  Makes sense, right?  I wasn’t keen on buttering up the popcorn and seeing this one on 42nd Street on a Friday night.  Instead, I waited for the DVD with the 2 ½ hour film and over five hours of extras.  The movie is funny, scary, long, and totally worth it.  The bonuses are fun because you can watch the pre-production diaries as they crewed up and scouted locations with no scripts for the second and third installments.  Drama with the writers and such.  Behind-the-scenes segments have really become juicy tell-alls, and I’m totally okay with that.  There are even snippets about the budget cuts in here. Johnny Depp and company are as captivating as they were in the first film, and their adventures prove to be even more imaginative and rambunctious.  A brilliant DVD all around.