HBO Home Video
Available on 12 December 2006

When Fox scaled back the release for Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” movie due to “soft awareness” I was a little bit shocked.  Everyone I know was so incredibly amped up for the movie and there were posters everywhere, not to mention talk show appearances.  I saw about 12 Borats on Halloween (sorry, all terrible).  Anyway, coinciding quite neatly with the film’s release is the collected first and second seasons of Mr. G’s HBO series.  It’s consistently funny and frequently brilliant.  It will make you squirm and wonder how stupid the interviewees have to be to believe that Ali G, Borat, and Bruno are real people.  The interesting thing is that SBC’s talent didn’t seem to grow as the show went on; it was there from the start.  The first episode is every bit as genius as the second and the last and the subsequent “Borat” feature.  Do yourself a big favor and pick this up.  Despite HBO’s questionable price point for DVD’s, this box is absolutely worth it.