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Vaughn’s dead, Sydney ‘s preggers and Balthazar Getty is the new cowboy in the office.  With so much going on in the first couple episodes, the rest of the season (only 17 episodes, btw) just seems tired.  I had a voracious appetite for the first 2 or 3 seasons of the show, but now watching the production team cheat L.A. for the world’s hot spots doesn’t hold the aw shucks charm it once did.  There are some other new additions to the cast as well to keep things fresh and spunky (try as they might) including Rachel Nichols as Rachel Gibson, who’s as nervous as a fish on Friday.  Plus, there’s the return of some favorite villains for good measure.  Lucky for us, Jennifer Garner hasn’t been written off the show (she is a producer, after all).  It’s still a good program, don’t get me wrong, but my jaw has stopped dropping.