ld2.jpgThe Little Dog Laughed
The Cort Theatre


The ‘Cort’ has a history of changing out Broadway shows as much as I change out my underwear. “The Little Dog Laughed” was chuckles at best. I was wet and my knees hurt and I had an okay time. Douglas Carter Beane’s (most notable for penning “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar”) script revolves around a closeted-up-and-coming actor and his power lesbian agent; played by Julie White. Her performance and characterization is fierce (enough to make Rosie and Ellen proud of their lesbian powers) and the rest of the cast tries to keep up. Tom Everett Scott as Mitchell and Johnny Galecki as Alex are making their Broadway debuts. Scott (TNT’s “Saved”) plays it dumb (via the writing) . . . and I find it hard to believe that an actor (meaning, the character, not Scott) can be that stupid and naive. Galecki (TV’s “Roseanne”) plays a rent boy/boyfriend/best friend/ boyfriend to a best friend. He carries many secrets and makes okay acting choices. He truly only shines when his pants are down. The fourth character, Ellen, played by Ari Graynor (“For Your Consideration”), has one or two great one-liners and deliveries, but I give that triumph to the playwright. Snaps to White’s cell phone sound cues and the clever use of having the ensemble control many of the lighting cues. The set, at best, was simple and served its purpose (still trying to figure out why there was a false proscenium made of golden bamboo catering chairs). All in all, if you have an extra eighty bucks, it’s worth it to see some cock and balls and a really talented actress going ape shit.