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For those of you who have followed the site since its launch in July, you might have noticed the staff’s high regard of the Superman franchise (we really can’t help it and are trying to stay just this side of dweeby). Well, the eagerly awaited “Superman Returns” DVD has finally arrived. It’s crammed with nearly three hours of behind-the-scenes footage (including an informal interview with the costume designer who tries to defend the reasoning behind her “small S” Superman suit.) Bad news for those waiting for the twenty or so minutes of “space” footage that was cut from Singer’s original cut though, as it is nowhere to be found! In fact there are a handful of deleted scenes that are not included in the two disc special edition. I know this because I have watched the teaser an inexcusable amount of times and have carefully cataloged each shot that does not have a corresponding scene in the film. Yeah…Well, besides my personal grievances the DVD still tops my list of holiday gift ideas