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Until about two months ago I avoided watching “LOST” like it was the 700 Club. The idea of keeping up with character twists and their supernatural island seemed exhausting. My DVR was also on the verge of combusting from holding five months of old SNL’s (which I still have intentions of watching.) Luckily, because of my job here at JoyHog, box sets are never in short supply and within a month I was all caught up. In fact, I was hooked. Injecting up to twelve episodes through my veins in a single weekend. Now at the beginning of its third season, as if it was long overdue, McFarlane Toys released their new “LOST” figure line. I flew on over to Toy’s R Us and purchased the $15.00 figures without batting an eyelash. As I sit here typing this now, both Kate and Locke standby observing my every gesture with looks of fear and curiosity. Each figure comes with stage, backdrop, and a prop associated with the respective character. True to McFarlane tradition each one is highly detailed and sculpted. Perfect for filling that empty spot on your desk that your “to do later” stack once occupied.