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I really like Richard Linklater’s films, both the arty endeavors and even the occasional “Bad News Bears” remake.  I loved Eric Schlosser’s book.  I love the ideas behind Linklater’s adaptation of Schlosser’s book.  It’s just that there are too damn many of them.  I’m all for muckraking, especially when it’s directed at the fast food industry.  So why not focus the commentary on the way that industry affects the world?  At a certain point, it just becomes comical to have every character in the film comment on various social problems, regardless of their involvement with the supposed theme of the story.  A film like “Waking Life” works because of its fragmented conversational topics, but in a dramatic story such as Linklater attempts to create in “Fast Food Nation,” it makes for too many stops and starts and eliminates the thrust necessary to maintain interest.  The film’s got it’s moments, and the killing floor scene way very well have the shock factor necessary for a change in many audience members’ diets, but as a whole “Fast Food Nation” comes across as a very lifeless movie.  Strange, and all the more frustrating because it was obviously made by very passionate people.