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Almodóvar Almodóvar Almodóvar. One of the best Spanish filmmakers around comes to us with a trying tale of what seems like a mixed reality from beyond the grave.  This film is represented in similar form to some of his other masterpieces –  being strongly feminine and family-oriented.  Penelope Cruz (Raimunda) stands out in this film as a lonely, mistreated mother who has to deal with a failing husband and a somewhat estranged daughter.  She gives a stunning performance and as events unfold and extreme choices have to be made, you see the desperation to keep her head above water.  In the heat of it all, her strong maternal nature shines through and we find out who her friends and foes truly are.  Sole (Lola Duenas) is Raimunda’s sister who is being visited by there deceased mother and ends up hiring her as an assistant and has to hide her from Raimunda.  This gives and entire new definition to Guardian Angel.  Volver does not live up to the expectations of Almodóvar fans, but the actors certainly do.  Ms. Cruz is worth the two hours of this spectacle.