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Sometimes it’s good to pop in a movie written for fourteen year-old girls, just to have a laugh and have some pop music playing in the background.  I often find that they redeem themselves with a heartfelt story (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) or some fun, sassy jabber (“Mean Girls”).  “John Tucker Must Die” has neither, and I’m not getting my two hours back.  Jeff Lowell, the film’s screenwriter, began his career in television and did some good stuff including “Sports Night.”  Now he’s onto this one and an upcoming film called “How I Met My New Boyfriend’s Dead Fiancée.”  Hmmm…  Yes, there are fun and attractive people in the movie including Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow, Sophia Bush and Ashanti – all gathered for this little story about getting revenge on a high school playa.  Too bad for the movie, though, that their collective cuteness is put to better use on the small screen in primetime.  There are some little snickers sprinkled throughout, but the genre has seen better candidates for high school comedies and melodramas.