baxter2.jpgWeb Series
Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s new web series is called “Baxter & McGuire”. It is from the creator of “King of Queens”. It is about balls, or as some scientists would call them, testicles. One testicle is named McGuire, a lovable (or lova-ball, if you’ll permit me) youngster. His buddy, Baxter, is a grizzled, cigar-chomping slob who likes to smack Baxter around and teach him the ways of the world. Their arms are made out of pubes. Seriously. OK, now that we’re past that and we’ve all giggled, the show is just not that funny. I laughed more then I read the concept for the show than I did at any one episode. Even if you’re the type that might enjoy this show and you’ve already shown everyone in your frat house that clip of the monkey peeing into his own mouth, your time on the web is better spent looking for actual footage of a soccer player getting hit in the junk than watching it happen in an episode of “Baxter & McGuire”.