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Ignoring all my social engagements for the weekend, I sat down with the final season of “The West Wing,” which happened to pass me by in the days when I was still learning about TiVo. This is the season of Santos and Vinick, the passing of John Spencer, and the rise of Josh Lyman. If you’ve watched the show, you know what I’m on about; if not, you can find a synopsis of the first six seasons elsewhere. There are some brave moves here in terms of production (a debate episode that was originally aired live) and writing (there’s finally some badonk between Josh and Donna Moss after years of tension). Brilliant one-liners and snappy repartee are in plentiful supply here – one episode even written by Bradley Whitford. If you have the addiction that I do to this show, then you’ve already picked up this title. I also added Josh Lyman to my short list of heroes on MySpace. So there.