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Seeing as “TCM2” was released when I was four years old, it’s safe to say I didn’t get a chance to see it at the drive-in. I still had Disney’s “Robin Hood” on repeat in the VCR. But this movie sure instilled me with a sense of nostalgia. The first TCM is a brilliant piece of horror-comedy. Here, director Tobe Hooper and writer L.T. Kit Carson take the comedy a step further into ridiculousness and give Leatherface a love interest, a svelte Texas rock DJ named Stretch. Dennis Hopper is genius. Genius. Who else but Frank Booth himself could pull off 20 minutes of screen time devoted to him sawing wooden beams and yelling “Bring it all down!” repeatedly? Solidifying the level of awesomeness, I realized that the “Dog will hunt!” line that’s sampled in Primus’ “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” is taken from this movie. My review may be a little late for Halloween, but in my opinion “TCM2” is a great film for any holiday. Add a little bloody slapstick to your loved ones’ stockings.