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After a life as a housewife in Ketchum, Idaho , where she paints ducks to sell on QVC, Miriam, our heroine, is coerced by the ghost of Ernest Hemingway to pack up and move to the city of light.  When she gets there (and walks into the set that is a sitcom abstraction of Paris), she checks into a run-down, trying-to-be-Moulin-Rouge hovel, and begins a new life.  The place is run by a vallet played by Miss Eartha Kitt (who was given a couple new songs, holding up the show’s first preview).  What unfolds is along the lines of “Under the Tuscan Sun,” except in without Diane Lane and a whole lot of songs in her place.  The score makes the effort to bring in a soft pop / easy listening feel to compliment the witty book by Diana Hansen-Young.  Among the tunes are a few memorable ones performed by Miss Kit (“Everything Changes” is of note).  As an old cabaret is revived, Miriam the Mormon becomes Mimi le Duck, and begins her journey of self-discovery blah blah blah.  While Mimi’s story may not evoke the city, it certainly evokes the journey.  Thank goodness we have Kitt to get us to the other side.  As always, she is fierce, funny and fabulous, and perhaps the best reason to see the show.