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With the death of Mischa Barton’s character from “The O.C.,” I certainly wasn’t looking forward to a fourth season. In the time that has passed since last May, TV audiences have lost their appetite for the melodrama of high school teenagers and grown to crave the sexual anxieties of the young adult. Thankfully, this season’s O.C takes some tips from the writing staff at ABC. There are even some “Grey’s Anatomy” references in episode three. “The O.C.” producers have done some internal renovations; coming back with their fourth (and final?) season with some edgier writing, sharp editing, and riskier character arches. The season starts off with our homely world of Orange County in complete disarray. Summer is now a college hippy and Ryan is a homeless cage fighter—that sort of stuff. But don’t stress, we are quickly eased back into the charm of upper-middle class suburbia. Four episodes in, the latest season of the OC certainly has some potential to finish off strong.