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What event after 9/11 could uproot the ever-healing America? “Death of a President.” In this retrospective documentary (if we dare to use that word here), director Gabriel Range invites his audience into the aftermath of the assassination of President George W. Bush. The investigation of the assassination leads us down many nooks and crannies dealing with protesters, war veterans, Al Qaeda and the watchful American public. The key players here are comprised of the team that we all know as the President’s inner circle. They speak of the wonderful nature of the President as well as their concerns before the Chicago shooting. Many may think this is propaganda, but Range’s story is much more about the post 9/11 state of being than the political parties we identify with. “Death of a President” hones in on the racial profiling and search for the assassin of this treacherous act and the way our media can distract and redirect our attention. This cinematic experience is not your Hollywood structural film. It is a well-executed feature in the vein of made-for-TV mockumentary. It is worth a glance.