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I am a kid at heart and this book was right up my alley! “Pick Me Up” is designed for kids to have fun while learning tibits of history, science and so on. Its pages are filled with colorful graphics to catch the eye of anyone no matter your age.  Here was how my day went – I turned off the computer and the TV, muted my phone and I started leafing through the book…A few minutes later I went back to the beginning and was enthralled by every page. I was hooked on fun facts that I had no idea existed. I unmuted the phone to share a few fun facts with my friends that included: “Which Revolution was the Most Revolting” and “Try being a Girl for the Day”…they had the same reaction…”I want to borrow the book”! Quite frankly, I think it would be a great one to break out at a party for young adults. This would make a great gift for any age (OR FUN PERSON), especially the kids ranging from 10-16. SURPRISE!!! Those of you who loved my late night phone call sharing the book…this is your next B-Day present!!