on The Real World: Denver
YouTube: Sneak Peak

So the other day, while eating my morning bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at work, I heard from a friend that the new season of MTV’s “The Real World” would be in Denver, Colorado . I responded with a blank stare as I do with most things at 8:30 in the morning. But around lunch, the morning tidbit had resurfaced, and I found myself quietly wondering what this season’s house might look like (because who doesn’t like seeing that?). A quick Google search later, and I’m checking the list of cast members favorite quotes through their MySpace profile. Seriously? Are people that into “The Real World” that fans already know the cast names and sexual orientations before the season premiere? Can’t we just wait to find out which cast member is bulimic when watching the marathon on a rainy Saturday afternoon like the rest of America? Adding to the craze is some steamy footage that leaked on to You Tube. Now I am not a reality TV junkie, but the leaked footage may have just earned The Real World: Denver a “series record” on my Tivo.