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Since the season three premiere, the streets of Manhattan have been a little quieter on Thursday nights.  “Grey’s Anatomy” is a soap opera – albeit one with a trip-hop score by dozens of emerging and hipster-chic artists including The Postal Service and Jem.  Last year, I was a bit out of touch with all things McDreamy, and thus spent the last couple days not answering the phone and catching up on all the scrubs and badonk.  This is a damn good show.  It manages to combine the hospital drama (that’s always a big crowd-pleaser), the personal drama, and some fantastic acting and production value.  With some real shockers throughout season two (ummm, Christina Ricci has a bomb!), there’s never a dull moment.  I’m now successfully caught up and completely engrossed in what’s going to go on with the vet.  So now I can confidently approach the water cooler on Friday mornings with my thoughts properly collected.  Most enjoyable.