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I remember hearing talk of an X-Men live action film when I was about seven years old. Ten years later it was released under the direction of Bryan Singer and all of a sudden comic books were cool. Singer transformed X-Men from iconic superhero drawings to a fleshed out dejected community. Some years later Hugh Jackman starred in “Van Helsing” and the guy that directed “Rush Hour 2” would be wrapping up the trilogy. Brett Ratner takes the “Batman & Robin” approach with X3—I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it involves a lot of action sequences and as little dialogue as possible. Killing off three of the main characters doesn’t hurt either. The DVD contains three “alternate endings” (I’m sorry but a change of dialogue doesn’t constitute an alternate ending) and a handful of deleted scenes including alternate takes with a “Bearded Magneto” and a “Clean Shaven Magneto”—this is probably the best part of the DVD simply for the titles. I would go on about how disappointed I was with the movie, but if you saw it already you’re probably not interested in owning the DVD, only to be disappointed even further by the special features.