drink.jpgBy Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
Bulfinch Press
In shops now

Remember the scene in “Pretty Woman” when Julia Roberts asks Richard Gere why there are strawberries with their drinky-drinks.  He tells her that they bring out the flavor of the champagne.  That, my friends, is the obligation of a sommelier – to impart Richard Gere-like tidbits of wisdom regarding the delicate balance of food and drink.  “What to Drink with What You Eat” is certainly not the kind of volume you read cover-to-cover.   It’s more like an encyclopedia to keep by the corkscrew so that you may consult it when the whoseywhatsits come by for dinner and you need to know what to pop open to go with the Asiago (one option is Nebbiola, which I’ve never heard of but now want to try because it has a cool name).  Pretty much everything is listed here, right up to and including KFC Fried Chicken (Pinot Noir? Really?) and tortilla chips (Champagne – tried that one already).  Very well laid out, the glossy pages of this book are easy to paw through to find the food and drink pairing in question.  Pretty essential stuff, kids.