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There is a very special kind of nerd that feels the need to own an epic sci-fi fantasy three times over. I have all three “Lord of the Rings” films from when they first came out on DVD, I have the extended 12-hours-you-know-you-love-it edition, and now I have the limited edition discs as well. These three new sets have BOTH versions and the super-dorky (and feature-length) behind-the-scenes documentaries on each film. There are some gems in here. For example, we bear witness to the assistant director’s shouting match about the budget and who needs to work for the umpteenth day in a row (and who needs a nap…). Aside from that and some cheeky antics from the hobbit patch, you have to REALLY love these films, and these books and filmmaking to sit through the three docs. Yeah, it’s a small market and I’m not in it. Personally, I think they’re good to have but by no means mandatory. You can watch them while playing Dungeons & Dragons or cleaning out your email. That is, if you can ‘fess up to being a big dweeb.