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This film is not likely to wash over you as easily as the title might suggest.  “Water” is a haunting look at faith and social prejudices.  It’s a life far removed from the troubles one may encounter on the couture runway otherwise known as a Manhattan sidewalk, but an honest set of woes, indeed.  Chiuyia, a widow at age eight, is sent to live in a Hindu house with girls much like her.  Having no recollection of even being married, she brings a new energy to the house of mourning that the other women are not prepared for.  John Abraham (one of India’s top models) and Lisa Ray give beautiful performances that stay with you long after the final frames.  It’s definitely a DVD worth checking out to see what caused all the controversy during filming; from being shut down due to its content to moving locales and finishing production under a new title, it is most fascinating.  “Water” is a refreshing and evocative work to behold.