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As a SCAD graduate, I have a special place in my heart for Paula Dean. I was at the Lady & Sons many a time, and enjoy Paul’s penchant for butter and sugar as much as I enjoy the singing waiters and waitresses in her restaurant. Her new show on the Food Network dives into murky territory. Still filmed in Savannah , Paula now has a studio audience (that looks like they’ve been through hair, make-up and wardrobe) and is dragging her husband into the mix as well. The first episode was all about aphrodisiacs and sweet Miss Dean began to lean in the direction of a sultry seductress in the vain of Tennessee Williams. There is still some cooking in the show, but not much. We see a lot of mugging and eager faces in the crowd, and hear a bit too much about the hostess and her husband’s personal lives. There is a fine line as a talk show host, and Miss Dean (whom I adore) has crossed it. I will have to wear black the next time I make one of her recipes.