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Apparently the new trend with DVDs is this:  Split every television season into two parts so that the kids who forgot to TiVo the damn thing (present!) must wait for months in agony between installments 1 and 2.  I couldn’t tear the shrink wrap of this one fast enough to see the second half of the season and catch the end of the cliffhanger from “2.0.”  This show has great stories and an amazing cast.  It’s one of the best shows on television (and DVD) so it’s well worth the wait.  Some storylines go unresolved for a while, but we always return to them.  These discs bring us up to date with a jolting jump in time, and it looks the hotties of the future are back where they started, fending off the bad news bears called the Cyclons.  There’s a lot more nipple-flashing in this half, but also some bonus features which can only prove of value to the über-nerds who have been making notes as to what the glove compartment of the fighter ships look like.  Guess I’m not that much of a dork after all…