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Blogging isn’t just for the cul-de-sac soccer mom and socially inept teenager anymore. In fact it has become one of the biggest cultural phenomenon’s to swoop the internet in the last four years. Even John Mayer and Zach Braff have one (not much of a surprise). But now blogging has become more than just a way to share your thoughts on the latest Suri Cruise pictures, it’s slowly marking its place in digital culture as a new form of artistic expression. Blogs are sprouting everyday that involve the input of readers to form the output of content. The blog “PostSecret” invites readers to write his or her deep darks on a postcard and send it anonymously to a common address. The postcards (and intimate secrets of the sender) are then thrown up on the web for all to see. Not only is this amazingly brilliant from an artistic and cultural stand point, but reading the horrible secrets other people are keeping sure does help make your day a little brighter. Its fun!