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How is it that 40+ days into their tour of the island, the survivors can keep their brights so bright?  Does Tide come in with the Dharma drops?  While the answers to season one’s riddles do slowly roll in, more questions and characters (and hatches) pop up.  It is evident by the structure of the first two years, that there is a lengthy and solid plan for this show.  Beware all ladies who get their badonk on with any of the boys after arriving on the island.  Maybe it’s a similar mythology to that of girls in the horror films.  Don’t flash your ta-tas or the island’s gonna get you!  Jack is being awfully serious by this point in the story, and I hope that season three provides a few light comedic romps.  There are some great BF’s though (bonus features), including “Anatomy of a Scene,” which breaks down the fascinating process of shooting an episode and cheating Hawaii for a gabillion global locales.  While “LOST” may not be as enticing in its sophomore season, we still want to see the forest, even when we’re not crazy about the trees.