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When I first saw the teaser for this show at the NBC upfronts last year, I very well may have squealed like a little girl.  It’s like “Gremlins” and “Jaws” all rolled up into one.  Now what’s wrong with that?  Well, for starters, the visual effects oscillate between fantastic and J.V.  And then you see that the story is good and has gobs of potential until Lake Bell  says that something’s “fishy.”  C’mon now.  Sadly, a lot of this show lives on the surface.  It really should keep you on the edge of your futon, but the scenes all seem to drag on and on.  Had I been watching with commercial interruptions, I don’t think I would have ever made it.  There’s no tackling the juicy depths of sea monsters or the human characters who hunt them.  You can’t take a whole season to build up the suspense, because by then, we’ve changed the channel or moved onto another boxed set.