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Well, the last days of summer are slipping away and the buzz of “Superman Returns” is long over. But the Superman franchise will always hold strong. The symbol of Superman has spawned hundreds of t-shirts, cups, cartoons, TV shows, and toys. With of the release of the latest film earlier this summer, Mattel has made over twenty figures and games bringing the man of steel to a new generation. I myself still remember unwrapping my first superman figure on Christmas morning. Although not the biggest fan at the time their still was that feeling of glee you get when holding a miniature icon in your hands. With theirnew line, Mattel has realized the imagination of every seven year old – to make Superman fly. Mattel’s R/C Flying Superman, although a large and fragile 16 inches, gives you the control of flight. With two channels of control and the ability to fly up to 300 ft, “Flying Superman” makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon at the park. And your dog will hate it.