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Or as I like to call it, “Scrap & Order.”  Dick Wolfe and company had a great idea to bring their much-loved franchise to generations X and Y.  Problem is that we twenty-somethings only watch “Law & Order” with the folks when we’re home for the holidays.  Too bad, too, since the show’s got spunk and a great young cast.  Among the stars, Anson Mount (ahhhh…”Crossroads”) and Miss Stephanie March, who, some may say personifies the phrase “Ooooh!  Snap!”  The story lines make-up a nice cross-section of all those other L & O themes and keep it fresh with music by James Blunt and one-night stands all-around.  The main appeal is that these are not stand-alone episodes, but rather courthouse on the creek.  Oh, and there are some important and topical issues as well.  If you like that sort of thing.  In any event, a lovely, slim boxed-set for those of us who only watch television when it comes out on DVD.  But skip the two-part finale, because it’s just absurd.