Williamstown Theatre Festival
Thru 27 August – www.wtfestival.org

Rick Elice and Roger Rees wrote this whodunit one snowy weekend in England. According to the dramaturgical notes in the festival program, it was all terribly Agatha Christie. Jennifer Van Dyck and Matt Lescher are the only ones onstage here, but they fill the space beautifully. There’s really no point in getting into the synopsis here since there are twists and turns and nothing is quite what it seems. The good news is that laughter unfolds as well as mystery. I don’t find a two-hander closing a major fest’s mainstage to be a very bold move, but “Double Double” is a fine romp and one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen at Williamstown this year.

I also caught the last night of the new musical, “The Opposite of Sex,” based on Don Roos’ brilliantly dark film. A sharp cast shows us that there is great humor and heartache when looking for love in all the wrong places. Roos’ films (which also include “Bounce” and “Happy Endings”) take a glaring look at the way American families have changed since the Baby Boomer generation. While he shows us that our society is definitely on the move, it doesn’t always work out for the better. Douglas J. Cohen’s score for this new adaptation, unfortunately, is faropsex.jpg from remarkable. The songs are not progressive in any way, while the storylines cover a great deal of ground in the (sometimes lateral) cultural shifts that we often witness in the lives of our friends or read about in the “Sunday Styles” section of The New York Times. I was eagerly waiting to see this show and the wonderful actors onstage were the only ones who did not let me down. Too bad the show doesn’t work without them.

A late-night seat at the crowded leapFROG production of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” does prove that the American musical is still on the move. Michael Friedman’s music is punchy and raucous, even when characters are being shot and killed. The Act I Company that performs here is certainly something to write home about. They’ll be on the “it” list before you know it.