New York International Fringe Festival
Thru 27 August – Schedule: www.hermanastheplay.com

The New York Fringe is a charming little fest that takes place each sultry August here in the city. It is usually defined by theatres that are not air-conditioned, shows that start late and a catalogue boasting hundreds of productions, many of which are destined to be terrible. Imagine my luck then, when I took in my first show of the year and was pleasantly surprised. “Hermanas” is a new theatrical sitcom about Jewish Mexican-American sisters and all the Latin lovers and latkes that come with them. The dialogue certainly speaks to being a twenty-something in America (“He was friendly and I was drunk.”) What keeps us in the simple story are the wonderful performances by actors like Paolo Andino, the hilarious Kathryn Kates and Bridget Maloney (making her New York stage debut…a delightful discovery). Despite my feeling that the script could use a little nip/tuck, the laughs are in good supply, and I walked out with a smirk, thinking: Wow, I needed that.