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“We’re not breaking out of a Jamba Juice, gentlemen.” It’s the most famous tattoo on television. When I first watched “Prison Break” last fall I was intrigued, yet not addicted. It’s got all the twists and turns of a show like “OZ,” but with a faster pace and nobody’s going for the full-frontal on FOX. I don’t know what the appeal is about seeing guys break out of prison, but I think we’ve all seen “The Great Escape” and “The Shawshank Redemption,” so obviously there’s an appeal. The timeline here is a little wonky (especially if you note the Chicago weather in early April), but the throughline keeps you coming back for more. Some great actors sweeten the pot, and there are even some tender (wipes tear) moments during visitation day. I enjoy a good flashback as the murder unravels, but the toe-snipping is a bit gruesome, no? Among my favorites, Amaury Nolasco who plays Fernando, the roomie. Oh, and Wentworth Miller could smile more than once every four episodes.